Who We Are

When everyone else was saying how can we get out of the hood, we are the people who said we wanted to stay and just make it better.

We are Black community organizers, activists, pastors, healthcare professionals, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, cousins, and friends of African Descent in Chicago. We could no longer stand being completely helpless, terrified and devastated as we attended funeral after funeral.

We work hard with few resources and for little or no money to because we love our communities. We get up and active because we know we can’t depend on hospitals that refuse to open trauma centers, or medical centers with slow emergency response times. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and we’re much more wise and powerful than we often think we are.

What We Do

We teach people how to be the heroes of their neighborhoods. We offer trainings in urban emergency first response, primarily to people who live in, or love people who live in communities where shootings often occur. We train on how to maneuver to protect yourself, how to help the injured, manage to chaos, and what to do when the police and paramedics arrive.

We also offer and are developing other emergency trainings. This includes a training on how to prevent asthma attacks, as well as how to help someone having a mild to moderate asthma attack and prevent it from becoming more serious.

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How We Do It

We learn as much as we can, as often as we can and develop knowledge that works for our communities. We look to holistic healing, including ancestral, plant medicine amongst other wisdom.

We build relationships with other organizations to fight against the conditions that cause illness and violence in our communities. We also build to increase our knowledge base and move our communities into self-determined health. We can and must learn how to care for ourselves and each other, because no one can ever love us like we love us.


2016 annual report

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