Skills To Save Lives

UMedics Cofounder Martine Caverl responds to shooting

Skills To Save Lives

Ujimaa: (Swahili) Collective Work and Responsibility

Let us teach you skills to to give you the ability to handle our most terrifying, helpless, moments. Let us teach you skills you need to possess but we hope you never have to use.    South and West Side Chicagoans live in abject terror of falling victim to gun violence. While we work hard to change to the systemic causes of such violence, we want our communities trained in emergency first response skills.

In the words of one of our younger medics “Instead of people getting shot and killed, we want people who get shot to be healed!”

We are Black health workers, healers, activists, community organizers, students, parents, family and friends who could no longer stand helpless as those who lived by the sword and those who never came near one alike had their lives cut down by bullets.  We developed the tools we would need respond in urban emergencies and created curriculae to deliver it to out communities for free.

So gather your friends, neighbors, team, school, church, mosque, block club, fraternity, sorority, gang, book club, or any other kind of group you may belong to and let us teach you the skills to keep us alive in crisis.